Edward Hopper by delphine queme

New York office (1962) by Edward Hopper (Montgomery museum of fine arts)

Edward Hopper is naturally one of my very main inspirations. First his need for emptiness which often occupies a major part of space in his paintings (like in New York office or in Nighthawks), also his need for almost peoplelessness (people are sometimes there, but often lonely, sad, not really alive or moving, like a part of the landscape). I look for emptiness and straight lines in my pictures too. It makes me feel confortable.  The person who offered me my first exhibition talked about the "poésie du vide" that remained in my pictures.

Also about Hopper, recently i went to a Vermeer exhibition and what really stroke me was how Hopper and Vermeer were related. How the light arrives from outside in a scene,  the windows, the interiors, the ordinary people inside their place, their loneliness.