Free Tibet / by delphine queme

I have been interested in Tibet since my childhood.

The sister of my grandfather used to send us a beautiful book (she had a book store) for every christmas.
Once i received a book about Tibet.
Tibet is a country, a nation, with a history, culture and tradition of its own.

China has killed more than 1 million tibetans so far.
Even worse (if i may say so), China has systematically destroyed monasteries (thousands), tortured, raped and made tibetan women abort and has moved on purpose thousands of mailand chinese people so that the tibetan “race” disparears by itself, as mixed with the chinese.

This is a systematic strategy of destruction.

The word “systematic” and the destruction of not only a population but also a whole culture are simply not acceptable at all.

Why does Nicolas Sarkozy not have the balls that Angela Merkel has, when Germany makes many times more business with China than France ??
She probably remembers another systematic strategy of destruction that happened to her country not so long ago.