Saul Leiter by delphine queme

i would strongly recommand to visit the exhibition in Paris’ Henri Cartier Bresson foundation about Saul Leiter work.

Much less recognized than his fellow friends photographers like Robert Frank or Diane Arbus, Saul Leiter is about to become my favorite photographer ever.
I was lucky enough to attend the conference he gave a few weeks ago at Musée du judaisme.
Rarely going beyond the simpliest description of the photos he was showing us (“this is an old lady”; “this is a car accident”, etc …..) he admitted at one point he was often interested in abstract windows reflections and any other devices which did not give a straight representation of reality.
Saul Leiter starts now to be recognised for his work on colors.
Not only are his colors magnifiscent (because they are not primary and are all in nuances) but the frame of his pictures, and more than anything the ghost-like immateriality of the persons or the objects that he photographs, make him a truly unique photographer.

Below are some of my personal favorites.
I finish with the poster presenting the exhibition which is an absolute and perfect model of what i like in graphic design.

Octave One at Rex Club (Paris) - Friday night by delphine queme

i very strongly recommend the attending of this party.

as previously stated in this blog, Octave One is by far the best electronic music live performance i have ever seen. I played with them last year and was totally taken by their incredible energy.

hereunder a picture during soundcheck last year with my colorfull midi controller on the foreground :

Patinir exhibition by delphine queme

I would like to talk today about one of my favorite painters.
He is not known, he is not considered as a “master” of the 15/16th century, but he is known for his landscapes painting. His name is Joachim Patinir.
To my big surprise, the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain, has organised an extraordinary exhibition, certainly because it is the museum in the world to have most paintings from him. Among the 29 paintings, there were 2 paintings i did not know (from personal collections) and 2 paintings which i knew (from books) but that have completely overwhelmed me. The most beautiful is shown hereunder. It is absolutely stupid from me to show it to you because to see it for real is a totally different experience. Actually I THINK this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen EVER in my entire life.
You will notice in the landscapes of Patinir some rocky almost unreal mountains.
It was a tribute to Patinir for me to name one of the track of my last EP “Rocky Landscape”.